Training for Recreational Professionals

Personal Leadership and Community Partnership
Training for Los Angeles Recreational Professionals
Resources Unlimited 

Virginia Palmer, Ph.D., Resources Unlimited, conducts the Personal Leadership and Community Leadership Training. She teaches innovative methods to increase the skills, capacities, confidence and success of Los Angeles County Parks Recreation Professionals. This training provides the opportunity for the participants work more effectively with teens, adults, and the community in their parks. The training classes will be interactive with lecture & discussion, experiential processes & innovative modules, written exercises & reports, creative projects & community mobilization and monthly evaluations. The Training is a divided into a three-part series, each consisting of 30 hours.

The curriculum of the Training is based upon The Power of Partnership Series, The Success Series, Faces of Power, A Guide to Personal Empowerment, and Vision Mapping, The Practical Workbook, by Virginia Palmer.

A major emphasis of the curriculum is a Teen Program Project and/or a Community Leadership Project to be developed, organized and implemented by each participant during Level I, II, and III of the Series. Each project will be presented to the group for feedback, critical analysis and support. The work plan, time-lines and outcomes will be included in the projects. The projects may be presented to a larger group of LA County Parks and Recreation administrators. Classwork and homework will be given and evaluated at each class meeting to mark and measure the participants’ progress. Action plans and progress reports on the personal and group goals that are established at the beginning of each Level will be given at the group meetings. A type of grade will be given at the completion of each Level as well as a Certificate of Graduation and will reflect in the permanent record of the Recreational Professionals.