Personal Leadership & Team Partnership

Personal Leadership & Team Partnership
Training for YMCA Directors

Virginia Palmer, Ph.D., Resources Unlimited Human Development Foundation, conducts the Personal Leadership and Team Partnership Training. She presents innovative methods to increase the personal & team motivation, trust, confidence, communication skills, conflict resolution, win/win solutions, success and transformational leadership of the YMCA Directors. The program is based on the Partnership Model:   

Person Power, Teambuilding, Mutual Respect, Mutual Support, Co-Creation and Higher Purpose. 

The training provides the opportunity for the Team Directors work more effectively and the YMCA community. The training classes are interactive with discussion, experiential processes, innovative modules as well as a private coaching session with each director.

The focus of the Leadership Training program is placed in the following areas:

  • Needs assessment to define talents, needs, goals and outcomes
  • Personal Mission Statement
  • Valued Self & Team Trust
  • Stress to Success
  • Motivation & Empowerment
  • Win/Win to 10 (Goal Setting)
  • Circle of Excellence