Lucid Dreaming Coach

I’ve put together many interesting consultations and guided meditations for you.

Dream a Dream for You: $150 – One Dream; Pre and Post personal sessions

Personal Transformation Consultation – $100 per hour

$75 follow-up and ongoing consultations

Transformation / Dream Astrology – $100 initial reading, $60 transits updates

Dream Magic Retreats Special Offers is a series of topics with guided Dream Journeys that power to you program/direct your dreams, both day and night, to continually transform yourself, and to co-create the New Reality with your Higher Self & Soul, The Lemurian Dreamers, Dolphin Dreamers and The Divine Source. You will connect to your Dreamer within, the Ancient Lemurian Dreamers, learn Dream Rituals, play with the Dolphin Dreamers and journey to the various Temples of Dreams: Healing, Forgiveness, Success, Creating/Manifesting, Love, Abundance, Destiny and Gratitude.The guided dream journeys are about 20 minutes in duration, giving you more power in less time. Experience these limitless and effortless methods to multiply your successes, remove obstacles, create an abundant life, transform the planet and live Your Dream!

ITEM: 1 The Lemurian Dreamers/Dolphin Dreamers Series $33

  • Lucid Dreaming overview with the Dream Request Ritual
  • Journey to the Lemurian Temple of Dreams
  • Connecting to intimately to each Lemurian Dreamer:
  • The Dream Weaver, Dream Tenders, Dream Keepers, The Dream Steeler, The Lemurian Dreamer, The Mysterious Other
  • Dolphin Dreamers, JOY is the Healer, FUN is the Creator
  • Igniting your Passion, Expanding your Compassion
  • Equinox/Solstice Dreams in the Dream Arc

ITEM: 2 Personal Transcendence, Love & Abundance Series $33

  • Becoming Truer Self, The Foundation of Oneness
  • Transforming old beliefs, creating the New Matrix of believing the “unbelievable”; 33 second Manifestation
  • Breaking inner child psychic contracts, uncovering the deeper truths and becoming the Magical Child
  • Creating your New Image in the New Matrix, Abundance process
  • Receiving in the Temple of Love & Abundance
  • Journey to the Temple of Love
  • Carrying the Torch of Love: Self, Others, Humanity

ITEM: 3 Sweet Dream Blending/Meditation Series – $22

Relax, Rejuvenate and Re-Create with a 7-minute nightly Blending/Meditation to listen to before going to sleep. The Seven Sweet Dreams recordings are uniquely designed to program your Dreams in each of the following areas:
Deep Sleep
Soul Message
and Global Dreams.

The Dream Power Series consists of Dream Power, The Magic of Lucid Dreaming and Dream Mapping, Seven Steps to Greater Success.  The two systems work together very powerfully to help you create and manifest the life you desire to live. 

Dream Power, The Magic of Lucid Dreaming is provides information about the benefits of dreaming, gives techniques for programming and directing your dreams and teaches methods for interpretation of dreams. You will meet your personal dream guides, “The Lemurian Dreamers” and begin to access the unlimited information from your Dream world and your Higher Consciousness. Awaken your Inner Dreamer and Live beyond your Wildest Dreams!

 The Magic of Lucid Dreaming:

  • Deepen your partnership with Self, Higher Self and Soul.
  • Meet your own personal Dream Guides, Lemurian Dreamers
  • Learn to program your dreams for creating your desires
  • Interact with your Dream Guides and receive interpretation of your dreams
  • Experience healing on physical, emotional, mental levels
  • Receive answers to your most pressing questions
  • Find new inspiration and direction
  • Group dream with other Dreamers for personal and global dreams
  • Refine your ability to co-create with the Dreamers
  • Learn rituals and techniques to direct and interact with your dreams
  • Learn the numerous physical/mental/emotional benefits of night dreams
  • Access information from your subconscious, unconscious and higher conscious
  • Discover more of your purpose and destiny
  • Become initiated as a Dreamer
  • Learn to dream Dreams for others and the world
  • Become proficient and confidence with your Lucid Dreaming
  • Ask and receive Dreams, remembering and receiving interpretation
  • Learn to lead teach others the techniques, rituals of Lucid Dreaming.
  • Lead Guided Journeys to the Temple of Dreams and all the auxiliary Temples
  • Create you own Dream Pod and expand the Dreams for the New Reality
  • Become a member of the Global Dream Community

Dream Power eBook and audio files – $11.00

Dream Mapping, Seven Steps to Greater Success is system designed to help you achieve your dreams, goals and visions. Dream Mapping outlines methods to achieve your desires with precision and accuracy.  Dream Mapping consists of a variety of transformational processes that lead to optimal success.   Dream Mapping Steps:

Vision, Imagine, Desire, Choose, Act, Expect, Receive. 

What is your Dream? What is the Vision of your Dream? Can you Imagine living your Dream? How much Desire do you have for Dream come true? Will you Choose to live your Dream? What Actions can you take towards building and living your Dream? Can you truly Expect your Dream to come true? Will you open to Receive your Dream?

Your Dream: What is your Dream? What do want to have, accomplish or become?

Think about the threads of your dreams that you have had throughout your life. Weave your dream threads together to form your current dream.   What pieces of your dream have you already lived?   What part of your dream are you living? What more do you want?

Faces of Power is an exciting and comprehensive guidebook that will help expand your personal power.   The faces of power are twelve sub-personalities within each individual that make up the whole person.  The twelve faces are:  The Innocent One, The Orphan, The Warrior, The Nurturer, The Love Seeker, The Truth Seeker, The Magical One, The Masterful One, The Destroyer, The Creative One, The Wise One and The Joyful One. The key to your power is energizing each face to work together in creating success and abundance in all areas of your life.

Includes guided visualizations for the following:

  • Becoming the Valued Self
  • Releasing Anxiety, Building Trust
  • Releasing Stress, Conflict Resolution
  • Changing Beliefs, Expanding Gratitude
  • Setting and Manifesting Your Goals
  • Designing Your Formula for Success
  • Expanding Your New Image
  • Enhancing Qualities of Love and Intimacy
  • Initiating the Power of Choice
  • Living the Principles of Love & Empowerment
  • Designing Your Future