About VP/RU



“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

Virginia Palmer, Ph.D., is Founder of Resources Unlimited Human Development Foundation and Partner in
MV Green Power LLC. Virginia has a BA in Journalism & Political Science; MA in Counseling & Physical Education and a Ph.D. in Human Development.   She combines 30 years of presenting Personal Leadership seminars, Team Partnership trainings with Transformation Consulting and Coaching. Virginia assists individuals, organizations and businesses to clarify goals, resolve conflicts, transform obstacles, and manifest desires in order to fully function and thrive.

Virginia is former Executive Director of People for Parks in Los Angeles, Leadership Trainer for Los Angeles County Parks, Counselor and Faculty at Austin Community College as well as Press/ Public Relations Director of the Texas Senate, Tennis Professional, Seminar Leader, Therapist, and Success Coach. The common thread that runs through Virginia Palmer’s work is her commitment to inspire and empower people to live richer, more successful lives in a balanced environment.

Virginia is author of StressWorks; Leadership and Group Dynamics; Personal Management Pattern; Faces of Power, A Guide to Personal Empowerment; Seven Faces of Soul; Dream Mapping, Seven Steps to Greater Success and Dream Power, Keys to Lucid Dreaming. She lives in Austin, TX.

Resources Unlimited Human Development Foundation, 501c(3), was founded by Virginia Palmer in 1994.   The RU programs foster personal leadership, partnership models, environmental responsibility and community service.  Resources Unlimited Foundation also has a 30-year history of successful youth, teen and adult development programs conducted in Austin and Los Angeles.

Our Mission
Resources Unlimited is dedicated to developing and implementing innovative programs for individuals, groups, organizations and institutions that offer practical tools for more healthy, productive and successful lifestyles.